Welcome to RE/MAX

The largest organisation of estate agents in the world

RE/MAX is the largest organisation of estate agents on the planet, with over 125,000 estate agents. The RE/MAX formula has been in existence for over 45 years. The way this formula works is that a local estate agent joins RE/MAX and by doing so is able to offer the best service for the best possible rates. For you this means the ideal combination of international expertise and local knowledge of the property market.

Maximum Publicity

You build up a personal relationship with your estate agent. An estate agent who is dedicated to you day and night, weekdays and weekends. An estate agent who joins RE/MAX has a number of tools at their disposal, such as:

  • A professional photographer for promotional material on the website. Our photographers are capable of capturing the most spectacular layouts, 360° photos and films.
  • Various methods of advertising in order to publicize the properties to their maximum potential. We regularly distribute high quality brochures and/or flyers, so we reach people door-to-door.
  • Various online means of communication, such as newsletters and social media activities. RE/MAX continuously uses new media and online marketing to improve publicity.

RE/MAX has a worldwide network of independent estate agents. The estate agents are always ready to help and are 100% motivated to support and advise you throughout the entire process of buying or selling your property.

Expat ready

Our nation-wide RE/MAX network allows us uniquely broad coverage. On top of this we are also an international company with a vast international network. This gives us the advantage that many expats know us and trust our service. Many expats contact us while still abroad, so that we can find them a house before they arrive in Amsterdam. This helps us to stay one step ahead of the market.

Our mission statements

To be the worldwide real estate leader, achieving our goals by helping others achieve theirs. Everybody wins

RE/MAX will always be the right place for real estate entrepreneurs who want a combination of independence, support, unique competitive advantages – and the right choice for customers who understand the benefits of having someone like that working on their behalf. Becoming the home of the top producers in the Netherlands.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe real estate buyers and sellers everywhere deserve the world-class services of outstanding agents who are skilled, driven and focused on achieving outstanding results.
  • We believe real estate is a full-time profession and career.
  • We believe in the power of preparation and education.
  • We believe in experience – and in the wisdom of learning from people who have it.
  • We believe individuals are shaped by the attitudes and habits of those around them. 
  • Our biggest accomplishment would be a referral to one of your friends/relatives/co-workers/family.

Our Values

  • Outstanding agents. Outstanding results.
  • We put the customer #1, this means we will do anything in our power to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Striving to be the best – through education, service and effort – at whatever we do.
  • Making a real difference in lives and communities around the globe. One World. One RE/MAX.
  • At RE/MAX, you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Business Quote

“RE/MAX is a collective of estate agents, which distinguishes itself through powerful marketing, constant training, top service and a personal approach. We look for outstanding entrepreneurs, who strive to be the best in their field of expertise and together we aim for market leadership.  We believe in the power of sharing knowledge, working together and supporting each other. With our client-focussed and proactive approach we aim for a “WOW” effect and the highest client rating in the sector. Through our worldwide network, market dominance and local expertise we can offer you unique advantages. We offer an inspiring environment, where we can work and reach our goals together by helping others.” – It’s the experience!

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