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We provide high-quality real estate services with a client-centric approach. Our team of independent estate agents works collaboratively to achieve the best possible outcome for your property sale, rental or purchase. With our market knowledge and experience, we negotiate the most favorable terms on your behalf. Our commitment to fast communication and personalized services ensures that you are always informed throughout the process.

We understand that every client's situation is unique, and we offer flexible services tailored to your specific needs. As a member of a global organization of estate agents, we provide you with the most up-to-date advice and insights. Check out our website to learn more about our benefits, global organization, and satisfied clients' recommendations and reviews. Contact us today to achieve your real estate goals.

Expect better, we thrive for the best

We are Amsterdam Estate Agents, a professional real estate agency that specializes in guiding transactions in Amsterdam and its surroundings. Our goal is to provide personalized and transparent services to our clients, unburdening them from all real estate issues. We offer flexible business hours and online services, including 24/7 online availability, to help our clients with their time-sensitive needs. Our approach involves clear rates and customization, where we discuss your situation in detail, to achieve the best results for you.

Coworking independent agents

At Amsterdam Estate Agents, we are a group of independent estate agents working together to provide the highest quality service to our clients. With a client-focused approach, we strive to secure the best rental or sale price for your property. Our commitment to fast communication ensures you get the most out of your property transaction. Learn more about our organization, the benefits we offer, and hear from satisfied clients in our recommendations and reviews section.

It's all about outstanding service

We're not your average real estate agency - our exceptional services are delivered by exceptional people. With a focus on fostering a strong company culture, we celebrate diversity and believe it's the key to our success. From delivering outstanding customer service to building a strong, enduring brand, we know that our thriving culture is the foundation for it all. Join us in protecting and nurturing our unique, ever-evolving culture at our agency.

Client-first, not property-oriented

We're a customer-first Estate Agents team in Amsterdam. Our goal is to ensure that our clients achieve the best possible outcome from their property sale, rental, purchase, or rental. With dedicated and committed agents, we offer personalized and transparent services with short lines of communication. We tailor our services to meet every client's unique needs. As part of the global real estate organization ERA, we have access to the latest industry trends and insights. We're proud of our excellent customer experiences, which we showcase on our website. Contact us for a personalized appointment to help you achieve the best possible outcome with your property.

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Would you like to know more about our estate agency? Feel free to make an appointment. It would be our absolute pleasure to invite you over to a free-of-charge introductory intake. Call +31 (0)20 333 11 00 or email

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