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To find out the value of your home in Amsterdam, you can choose from several valuations. We offer an accurate free valuation for the asking price of your home. An online valuation for a first impression. A remote valuation. And a comprehensive valuation with a validated report. Which valuation belongs to which situation? We have listed the differences for you. Are you not sure? Then contact us. We will gladly help you make the right choice.

Free valuation

One of our real estate agents will visit you and determine the value of your home within 20 minutes. This is based on things that affect the market value such as the overall condition of the home, renovations and updates. Within a few business days you will receive the report with advice for the asking price of your home. You can use this for the correction of your WOZ value, purchase and sale of your home.

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Online valuation

Want a quick first impression of the value of your home? Then opt for an online valuation. This is free of charge and comes from comparisons with previously sold homes in the neighborhood. Simply enter your home's address online and you will receive the value immediately via email. This is the fastest way to get an indication of the value of your home.

Virtual valuation

If you prefer not to have a home visit, we can also perform the Free Valuation remotely. This virtual valuation allows you to show the most important things about your home via image calling - WhatsApp or FaceTime. Using this data, our real estate agent prepares the report and sends the valuation via email. You can also use this value for correcting your WOZ value, buying and selling your home.


For the most comprehensive valuation, choose an appraisal. Our appraiser determines the value of your home based on recent transactions of comparable homes and current market conditions. The outcome is processed in a validated appraisal report. This is an official document that you need for the purchase of a home, (re)financing or a divorce, among other things.

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Want to know which valuation is most appropriate for your situation? Contact one of our estate agents. We are happy to help you choose the right valuation. Call or email to:


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