Buying mediation

Buy your home with Amsterdam's specialists

When you want to buy a house in Amsterdam, our buying agents are ready to help you. They will do everything to find your dream home and make the buy possible. Discover all the steps of our buying mediation, the services of our buying agents and our proven plan of purchase. With our buying mediation, you can be sure that you have the best chance of succeeding in the Amsterdam housing market.

What is buying mediation?

Buying a home in Amsterdam involves a lot. Not only does the search for your new home have its challenges, but once you have found your dream home you are faced with issues you probably never had to deal with before. Our estate agents will be happy to help you. They work exclusively in your interest and know everything about price developments, bidding strategies, structural condition, planning developments, obstructive provisions and other legal issues. With their purchase assistance, you can be sure that the purchase of your new home will be completed professionally.

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What exactly does a buying agent do?

Buying a home in Amsterdam nowadays is almost impossible without a buying agent. After all, sellers prefer buyers with a buying agent so they can be sure that they are dealing with serious candidates. With a buying agent, you can also choose from homes that are not yet for sale. This increases your chances on the Amsterdam housing market and you can be sure that the buying process is in professional hands. But what exactly does a buying agent do?

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Plan of purchase assistance

What is involved in buying your new home? Our buying mediation consists of drawing up your search profile, determining the search query, commissioning the mediation and other, additional work. We take you step by step through our purchase assistance so that you always know exactly where you stand.

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Milestones for buying property in the Netherlands

Buying a house in Amsterdam has some challenges. With our purchase broker, you will be competing with the big competition in the Amsterdam housing market. He or she always pays for itself. Because we are emotionally less involved in the purchase of your dream home. This enables us to make better offers and negotiate better. We also take an architectural look at the house. Is it worth your money? Are all the dimensions of the property correct? Is it a pleasant neighborhood?

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