Presales & Silent Sales

Look beyond Funda and expand your search reach

Many home seekers limit their search to the listings on Funda. They don't call in a buying agent until their eye has fallen on a property. But there is more. Because the demand is high and the supply is small, more and more home sellers decide to put their house in the 'Pre-sale' or 'Silent sale' in advance. You can also claim the Pre-Sale and Silent Sale offerings through our buying agents. This significantly widens your choice.

What is Presale?

Homes that are on the Pre-Sale are part of the "off market" supply. These are homes that do not appear on Funda until the sellers have bought a new home. More and more sellers are opting for this because it is difficult to find a suitable home in this housing market. In the meantime, we put the house on pre-sale and house hunters can visit the house virtually for a first impression. As soon as the house goes on sale, you are the first one who can make an offer.

What is Silent Selling?

Sellers can also choose not to list their home on Funda at all. For example, for privacy reasons and this does not only apply to exclusive homes. We inform our searchers of this Silent Selling offer as soon as we have a new home for sale. You become a seeker by registering with our Home search profile.

Extensive screening

In this market, it is important to attract and qualify as many interested parties as possible. We therefore only view with prospective buyers who have already been fully financially screened. The advantage for prospective buyers is that as searchers in the 'Pre-Sale' they can already visit the home virtually. In the meantime, we start a more extensive screening process to distinguish the viewers from the buyers. This way the seller can be sure in advance that the prospective buyers are actually interested in their home.

What is Off Market?

For various reasons, home sellers may choose to put their home up for sale but not publicize it yet. For example, they don't want a sign on the window, they don't want endless viewings, and they especially prefer more privacy. It could also be that they want to buy a new home first before putting the old one on the market. For whatever reason, homes come up for Pre-Sale and/or Silent Sale and these are known only to realtors and not yet to the general public. These unpublished offers from both our real estate agents and those of other Amsterdam real estate agencies are not on Funda (yet) and are therefore "Off Market. Increasingly, real estate agents are getting requests to offer properties specifically through their own network.

Would you also like to be the first choice in the Amsterdam housing market? Then contact one of our estate agents. In an orientation meeting you will learn all about our purchase mediation and access to off market offers. This will significantly increase your search range.

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