Our Advantage

Discover the various benefits of Amsterdam Estate Brokers

Amsterdam Estate Brokers offers its clients more than most other estate agencies. In a highly competitive market we stand out above the rest. We offer a number of unique advantages, such as:

No cure, no pay

No unexpected costs. In case our agents should not succeed in selling your house or finding and securing you a property, you will only be charged a fee for marketing and promotional cost This will be discussed and disclosed with you in advance, so there are no sudden unwanted surprises. 

Short lines of communication

We act quick and efficient. Short lines of communication across our worldwide network enable us to speedily connect  you and other parties involved.

Local specialist

We are local specialists. This enables us to easily answer questions such as:

  • How does the garbage collection work in this part of town?
  • Do you need a parking permit in this area?
  • Do you need a permit to change or renovate the house?

Marketing Plan

The estate agent has access to a wide range of promotional materials. This enables your estate agent to promote your property the best way possible. Activities which include but are not limited to flyers, brochures, social media campaigns, door-to-door newspapers and newsletters. 


The estate agents are constantly retrained by means of special seminars and training sessions. It is important that your estate agent knows exactly what the latest developments in the housing market are. Your independent estate agent doesn’t miss a thing!

Recognition and Connections

Amsterdam Estate Brokers is part of the industry association VBO and the Nederlands Woning Waarde Instituut (NWWI). You are in good hands with your independent estate agent in Amsterdam. 

Experienced estate agents

You will always have contact with an independent estate agent. During the entire process you will be assisted by your agent, not by an apprentice or a temp. 

One stop shop

We cover all aspects of the property market. In our Amsterdam office we have specialists in buying, selling, renting, letting, valuation and mortgages. 

Always available

Your estate agent is always there whenever you require help or assistance. Because we work at a local level you always know exactly who your estate agent is and more importantly how to get in touch with them. We only have one objective and we are always easy to reach out to. Appointments and viewings can be planned to take place at the weekend or in the evening to fulfil all needs and fit in any busy schedule.

Make an appointment

Would you like to know more about our estate agency? Feel free to make an appointment. We would be pleased discuss the possibilities in an introductory meeting. Call +31 (0)20 333 11 00 or email amsterdam@makelaarsvan.nl

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