Buy-sell Combideal

The smoothest transition to your new home

If you have moving plans, it is best to buy a home first before putting your own home up for sale. After all, in today's tight housing market, it may take some time to find your ideal home. With our Buy-sell Combideal, you can be assured of the smoothest transition to your new home at an attractive rate.

Silent Sale

Our Buy-sell Combideal is an all-in-one service that gets you ready to buy and sell your home in one go. While we search for your new home, we put your current home on silent sale so that it generates a lot of interest even before it is listed on Funda.

More choice

The other way around also applies. If you use our buy-service, you can also choose from other real estate agents' silent sales. These are homes that are not yet officially for sale or whose owners only want to sell among themselves through brokers. This gives you more choice than just the offer from Funda.

Certainty of purchase

With our Buy-sell Combideal, you sell your home with the security of buying your new home. We help you find your new home while we take care of the presentation of your current home. Then you will be completely ready to enter the market as soon as you have bought the new home. You will thus avoid double living expenses and be assured of the smoothest transition to your new home. Win-win in a tight housing market.

Advantages Buy-sell Combideal

  • Buy and sell in one go
  • Sale at the time of buy
  • No double monthly costs
  • Sharp commission
  • Choice of silent sales
  • Sale with the certainty of buy
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