Placing an offer on a house

Local knowledge is the key to the best price

Placing an offer on a house is nerve-wracking and a process that benefits from experience. Our estate agents are specialists within their own local areas and are knowledgeable about new developments and the value of other homes in the area. They will put in the best offer on your behalf and will guide you through the entire process of making an offer.

The right price

How much should you go above the asking price if at all? Our buying agent is part of a large network of estate agents, who can check and compare recent sales and then use this information to give you the best advice possible. This is the perfect recipe for successful purchases.


You will view the property together with your estate agent, so you can be sure all points which could affect the price are covered. This includes the structural condition, possibilities for renovation, developments in value of other properties in the same area. If this is the house you would like, then you can make an offer. What is the most sensible opening offer? What is the maximum you are prepared to offer? These are some of the questions which help us develop the best strategy and ultimately come to the right offering price.

Leave it to us

Placing an offer on a house can be tricky business, not least due to stress and financial uncertainty. Just leave it all to us. Our estate agent will contact the selling agent and place an offer on your behalf. He will keep in close contact with you regarding the negotiations and will advise inform you on the state of the offer. We will also look at the financing of your house, structural assessment, the most suitable solicitor, transfer date and the technical building report. 

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