8 steps to selling your Amsterdam property

The selling process

Our estate agents will help you to maximize value of your property sale in Amsterdam using their local knowledge and expertise. In this way you can be assured that you will not fall into any traps in the Amsterdam property market and that your house will be sold for the highest possible price. Your estate agent will guide you through the entire sales process following these 8 steps.

1. Determine the asking price

  • Your independent estate agent in Amsterdam will come to your house to determine the value.
  • Your estate agent will consider the positive aspects of the house, but will also take note of any possible negative aspects.

2. Publicising

  • We use publishing forms like flyers, advertisements and online newsletters.
  • A professional photographer will take photos of your property.
  • We plan showings so potential buyers can get a good impression of the house.
  • We can list your property on websites such as Funda and Jaap.

3. Is your house ready for selling?

  • Ensure your house is tidy. Especially when there are viewings planned. A well taken-care-of house increases its chances on the housing market. 
  • You and your estate agent will make a joint decision on the best way to present your house.

4. Planning and directing of the viewings

There is constant interaction between you and your estate agent. Your estate agent will arrange viewing appointments with prospective buyers on dates and times you agreed with. You should not be present during the viewings. Your estate agent will more than likely get the best results for you.

5. The negotiations start

  • Your estate agent knows the minimum amount you should be able to obtain for your house and how to obtain the maximum amount. 
  • Should there be multiple offers, your estate agent knows best how to deal with this kind of situation.

6. Contract of sale

  • Read through the contract of sale very carefully together with your estate agent. This ensures you will not encounter any unpleasant surprises. Do not hesitate to ask questions.
  • You sign the contract of sale and you have sold your house. The buyer still has 3 days to legally disband the contract.

7. Visit the solicitor

  • Copies of the signed contract of sale, ID and various other important documents will be sent to the solicitor.
  • You and your estate agent will check all the details one more time, before you give the final signing off.

8. After Sales

Our clients’ opinions are very important to us in order to maintain and improve our high level of service. Our after sales service includes:

  • Evaluation
  • Customer rating
  • Testimonials / reviews
  • Customer satisfaction survey

Congratulations, your house has been sold!

Download our brochure: This is how we sell your home

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