Buying a house in Amsterdam

Buying with help from the local experts

Buying a house in Amsterdam requires a lot of local knowledge. The city is continuously changing and the competition is challenging. Our local estate agents know all about this and are eager to help you get through the entire buying process. They know all the ins and outs of the area and what makes the neighbourhood so attractive to live in. Our estate agents will assist you in looking at issues such as maintenance, structural condition and the asking price of the house. Considering all these points you will be able to come to the right opening offer, giving you the best chance of purchasing the house.

Our selection of homes for sale

We have a large number of houses for sale in Amsterdam. Check our current listing portfolio of available houses and flats.

The Buyers Helpdesk

The first step if you are looking for a new home. Together with one of our real estate agents you will map out your wishes and opportunities on the housing market free of charge. Then you will know exactly what your options are and you can act quickly if your dream home is for sale.

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Home search profile

Our buying agents will be happy to help you find your new dream home. With a free House Search Profile you will be at the front of the queue instead of at the back. Register and be the first to bid on your ideal home for sale in Amsterdam.

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Buy-sell Combideal

If you have moving plans, it is best to buy a home first before putting your own home up for sale. After all, in today's tight housing market, it may take some time to find your ideal home. With our Buy-sell Combideal, you can be assured of the smoothest transition to your new home at an attractive rate.

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Placing an offer on a house

Bidding on a house is exciting and a process that involves a lot of experience. Our estate agents are specialists in the neighbourhood and know all about new developments and the value of homes in Amsterdam. On your behalf, they will make the sharpest possible offer and guide you through the entire bidding process.

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Milestones for buying property in the Netherlands

Buying a house in Amsterdam has some challenges. With our buying agent, you will compete with the big competition on the Amsterdam housing market. He or she always pays for itself because we are less emotionally involved in the purchase of your dream home. This enables us to make better offers and negotiate better. We also take an architectural look at the house. Is it worth your money? Are all the dimensions of the property correct? Is it a pleasant neighbourhood? Discover our 9 steps for a successful purchase of your dream home in Amsterdam.

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We are also happy to assist you in financing your home. The independent mortgage advisor from Huis & Hypotheek in our office will bring the financial feasibility of your relocation plans into focus for you. That brings certainty and peace of mind. Both when buying and selling your house in Amsterdam.

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The value of your property

To know the value of your home, you can choose from a variety of valuations. We offer an online valuation for a first impression. An accurate free valuation for the asking price of your home. A remote valuation. And a comprehensive valuation with a validated report. Which valuation belongs to which situation? We have listed the differences for you.

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Presales & Silent Sales

Look beyond Funda and expand your search reach. Because demand is high and supply is low, more and more home sellers are deciding to put their homes on "Presale" or "Silent Sale" in advance. Through our purchase brokers, you can also claim the Presale and Silent Sale offerings. This significantly widens your choice.

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Buying mediation

When you want to buy a house in Amsterdam, our estate agents are ready to help you. They will do everything to find your dream home and make the buy possible. Discover all the steps of our buying mediation, the services of our buying agents and our proven plan of purchase. With our buying mediation, you can be sure that you have the best chance of succeeding in the Amsterdam housing market.

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Feasibility certificate

Buying a house in Amsterdam starts with a feasibility certificate. This document offers both the selling and buying party the assurance that the transaction is at least financially covered.

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Free feasibility check

You are about to buy a house in Amsterdam but you don't know how much you can spend. Make an appointment for a free feasibility check. Our financial advisor will calculate exactly what you can offer.

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House Finder Service

Looking for your dream home in Amsterdam? Our unique Home Seeker Service can help you find a perfect match, even before a property is listed for sale. We work closely with our prospective buyers to create search profiles that we place in our Property Seekers section.

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