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Our Amsterdam Estate Agents are members of the Association of Estate Agents and Valuers in the Netherlands (VBO). This organization represents the interests of more than 1,500 affiliated brokers, appraisers and letting agents. For you, our VBO membership means above all the certainty that the high quality and integrity of our services are guaranteed.

Knowledge exchange and support

Since 1985, VBO has been committed to facilitating the work of its members and improving their position through advice, education, products and services. VBO has several expertise groups, including Business Property, Residential and Letting, and various committees, such as the Data and Business Property Committee. These expertise groups and committees provide targeted knowledge exchange and support within specific areas of expertise.

VBO advantages

Our VBO membership offers you various benefits and a quality seal for our services. Among other things, you can count on:

  • Quality and professionalism: The VBO sets high standards for its member estate agents, valuers and rental intermediaries. By choosing a VBO member, consumers know they are dealing with a professional who meets certain quality standards. The FEB supports its members with advice, education and regular refresher courses, which promotes professionalism and expertise.

  • Reliability and ethical standards: As part of the FEB, member estate agents, valuers and letting agents must adhere to a code of conduct and ethical standards. Consumers can be confident that the members of the FEB act with integrity and are committed to providing a professional and reliable service.

  • Dispute resolution: the VBO offers a dispute committee to which consumers can turn if they have a dispute with a member estate agent, valuer or rental mediator. This gives consumers an extra safety net and an opportunity to resolve disputes in an independent and objective manner.

  • Access to expertise and network: The FEB offers its members access to various expertise groups and committees, which means member estate agents benefit from shared knowledge, experience and expertise within the sector. This enables members to stay up-to-date with developments in the market and offer high-quality services to consumers

Consumer confidence

All these benefits contribute to consumers' confidence in member brokerages and give them peace of mind when making important decisions in real estate transactions and rental mediation. Read all about the VBO Code of Professional Conduct.

Our ‘Agreement for provision of services' (Agreement) are subject to the General Consumer Conditions for Estate Agents (hereinafter: General Consumer Conditions). These conditions were drawn up in consultation with the sector organization VBO, NVM, VastgoedPRO, Vereniging Eigen Huis and the Consumers' Association within the framework of the Coordination Group Self-Regulation Consultation of the Social and Economic Council. They took effect as of September 2023. If an Assignment deviates from the aforementioned General Consumer Conditions, that which is stipulated in the Assignment to provide services shall prevail. In addition, the VBO Broker's Code of Professional Conduct and the Disciplinary Rules of the Stichting Tuchtrechtspraak Makelaardij Nederland, www.tcmnl.nl (version dated 1 July 2013) shall apply. Download our General Terms and Conditions for Consumers.

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