House Finder Service

Find Your Dream Home in Amsterdam with Our House Finder Service

Looking for your dream home in Amsterdam? Our unique Home Seeker Service can help you find a perfect match, even before a property is listed for sale. We work closely with our prospective buyers to create search profiles that we place in our Property Seekers section.

Create Your Search Profile Online

Book a free consultation with a specialist to discuss your buying plans and learn about your chances in today's Amsterdam housing market. We can then draw up your Housing Wish Search profile, which clearly states your preferences for location, budget, and living requirements. Based on this profile, we set up your Property Search page and anonymously share your search with potential home sellers.

Ready to Buy and Sell in One Go

If you're planning to sell your home in Amsterdam, make sure to check our Property Searchers section for interested parties. You can search for buyers by zip code or neighborhood, and we take care of the mediation if there's a match. This way, you can sell your home without having to list it for sale, saving you time and energy.

Find Your Match and Let Us Handle the Rest

Once we receive a response from a potential seller, we contact you to see if the property meets your requirements. If it's a good match, we arrange a viewing, and if you're still interested, we handle the purchase mediation from negotiations to key transfer.

Our Unique Service is Free

Our Home Finder Service is free and designed to increase your chances of finding your dream home in Amsterdam. We can even help you spread your housing profile wider through paid flyering and online ads, ensuring that your dream home is even more within reach.

Home Seekers in Brief:

  • Free service
  • Housing wish profile, authorized by real estate agent
  • Anonymously placed online
  • Live to purchase home
  • In combination with buying mediation
  • Flyering (extra, paid)
  • Online advertising (extra, paid)
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