Hij heeft mij meegenomen in het gedachteproces omtrent prijsstelling, stond open voor mijn input, maar was ook realistisch.

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Real estate agent Pelle Freijsen

Real estate agent Pelle Freijsen

Call or WhatsApp +316-54 668 100 or e-mail to pellefreijsen@makelaarsvan.nl

Pelle distinguishes himself from the standard real estate agent with his refreshing approach. You won't hear any smooth talk from him! Going above and beyond to make his immediate surroundings happy is something we really see in his working method. A good example of this is his irregular working hours. That is to say, his workday does not end at 5 o'clock. It only stops when the client is satisfied. This way, he can serve his clients optimally and get the most out of buying or selling a home in Amsterdam.

The customer is king

Pelle: "During my work, I come into contact with different clients every time. That is exactly what makes this job so challenging. Everyone has their own wishes and their own story. To be able to serve my clients as well as possible, I want to get to know them first and investigate how my services match their wishes and requirements. My motto is 'The customer is king'. In my career, I have mainly worked in service sectors. I have learned to understand my customers, to see what they are looking for, what makes them happy. We are talking about a house, a home, the place where they live. In short, extremely important. Real estate agents without this background sometimes look at this too businesslike. Unfortunately, I see the results of this all too often in real estate. This needs to change, I think. The bad apples spoil it for the many real estate agents who do have their customers' best interests at heart


Buying a house in Amsterdam

"In the current market, you often have to act quickly to buy a house in Amsterdam. My clients can count on my complete purchasing service, where speed and tight organization are important factors. I combine perseverance and decisiveness in the negotiation process with flair in guiding my client. That combination makes me an expert in the purchasing process. A high degree of empathy is innate in me. And I am happy to use that competence for my clients. It is of great importance that I always maintain direct contact with my clients, both before and after the process."


Tour guide for the Amsterdam housing market

Whether you are from the Netherlands or not. Buying a house remains a major challenge for most people. Then it is useful to have someone standing next to you who does it daily. "We start the search for a house in Amsterdam by mapping out your wishes. The difference between what you can and what you want is often large. Together we determine a good purchasing strategy before you start. I take a critical look at things as they are and say exactly what is going on. I am not emotionally involved in a house, which plays a huge role in assessing a house. When buying a house, you are talking about one of the most important moments in someone's life. I am very aware of this." By working for a large part of his career abroad, I am fluent in English. As an expat expert, I can perfectly help my foreign clients.


Selling a house in Amsterdam

"I work closely with clients to achieve the best possible sale for their situation. Selling a house in Amsterdam can happen quickly, but achieving an optimal sale requires more than just putting a house up for sale. In recent years, we have seen the market fluctuate, so constant adaptation is required. Simply putting the property on Funda and waiting is not always effective. This is where a good real estate agent can distinguish themselves from others. My satisfaction comes from successfully guiding and supporting my clients through the sale. Whether you have a specific target price, a tight deadline, or an agreement with your neighbors, I will help you, along with professionals and marketing experts, to showcase your home in the best possible light. This way, we can achieve the best sale. My ultimate goal is to provide complete support for the client while also fulfilling their needs as optimally as possible."


Together we are stronger

"Our service area is Amsterdam, and we have dynamic areas of expertise. At the moment, I am responsible for the Hoofddorppleinbuurt. However, my operational area is the whole city, as can be seen on the page with my recent activities (see map at the bottom). We rotate the neighborhoods periodically, but at the moment, I am a specialist in the Hoofddorppleinbuurt. This means that I constantly monitor developments in the neighborhood. This way, I can provide my clients with optimal service and know how to get the most out of buying and selling homes. I enjoy doing this because of my strong affinity with the area. I cycle through it every day on my way to the office or to an appointment. You come across a lot of things, like the city garden at the end of Westlandgracht, for example. The Hoofddorppleinbuurt has many such beautiful hidden places and small local cozy shops. Enjoy a late summer evening at 'Lokaal van de stad' or have a cup of coffee at 'Lunchroom Grannies.'"


Local knowledge, local approach

"The Amsterdam housing market is completely different from the Dutch housing market. An expert should have expertise in the area. This is why I focus on Amsterdam and not the entire country. Only then can you become an expert in a specific area. Our local knowledge ensures that I have a suitable solution for every assignment. Together with my colleagues, I constantly follow various courses to become even more skilled in buying and selling real estate and to better serve my clients."


Makelaars van Amsterdam Service

"At Makelaars van Amsterdam, we work with independent real estate agents. This means that you are responsible for the success of your own business. This results in real estate agents who prioritize your needs. Our 'No Cure No Pay' way of working also plays a big role in this. And knowledge sharing. Because in Amsterdam, we exchange information about all 99 neighborhood combinations. We keep track of the number of moves and the current housing supply, average house prices, area development, relevant demographic information, but also hotspots in the neighborhood, community centers, schools, and businesses that are above average. This keeps us sharp on buying and selling opportunities at the neighborhood level."


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