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Broker Ton Coffeng

Broker Ton Coffeng

Call or WhatsApp 06-53256891 or e-mail to toncoffeng@makelaarsvan.nl

Ton Coffeng has been an entrepreneur in the real estate business for over 30 years. He has been active for 20 years working as a broker in Amsterdam since 2012. Ton is a registered broker and proves every week that he is one of the best in his profession. In Amsterdam Ton works in Team A10 together with his partner Filipe Bataglia, and agent Marco Koppen.

Thought leader for private and commercial clients

The team of broker Ton Coffeng and Filipe Bataglia is specialized in residential real estate and is ready day and night for their clients with the aim of making the sales process as smooth as possible. Ton has been working in real estate and financial services for a large part of his life. He knows Amsterdam as his own backyard and feels at home everywhere. His preference is for private clients and private investors. Ton: "Because of my years of experience I feel most at home in this segment."

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At home in Amsterdam

After 10 years of working as a broker in Amsterdam, Ton has built a large network of notaries, investors and finance specialists. Working in and with a team is his preference. "The nice thing about the team is that we do it together and that is reflected in the results and the job satisfaction. All properties are discussed in the team and together we determine the best strategy to sell a property. We all have our own specialization and qualities so we can do more for a client as a whole than individually." With the arrival of Filipe Bataglia as a partner, we can handle more complex cases in particular investments, financing and rental issues."

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Results driven

"Because we know a lot about Amsterdam and what is going on there that we achieve better results. Clients build up a relationship with our agents and often a first sale leads to a long-term relationship. Within the team we all have a specific field of expertise. So we have a suitable solution for each assignment. This way we can offer just that little bit more service and often achieve better results for our clients."

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Maximum relief

Ton and Filipe, together with agent Marco Koppen, are forming Team A10. Ton: "Working in a team also means more flexibility. We are therefore easily accessible after office hours. And we can take over each other's viewings if necessary. In addition to our team, we work with partners in the field of notaries, mortgage advice, architectural matters, styling and photography. So that our clients can always be ready in one go with the purchase or sale of their home. Because maximum relief is our first priority."

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Amsterdam Estate Brokers works with independent agent who all have their own area of expertise. As a franchise formula, we encourage the targeted approach whereby we ask each agents to focus on, for example, a neighborhood, market segment or target group with which he or she has an affinity. Ton: "This way of working strengthens each other and we can share relevant information and knowledge with clients and colleagues. In this way we are becoming stronger as a collective. The office informs us as agents every quarter regarding the number of relocations, the current housing supply, average house prices, relevant demographic information, hotspots in the neighborhood, community centers, schools and companies that are considered above average."

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