Feasibility certificate

Your ticket to the Amsterdam housing market

Buying a house in Amsterdam starts with a feasibility certificate. This document provides both the selling and buying party with the assurance that the transaction is at least financially covered. In fact, without a feasibility certificate, you won't even be considered for a viewing these days. The financial advisor at Huis & Hypotheek in our office is happy to help you with this first step in your house hunt.

How much can you borrow?

Amsterdam house prices are hefty and overbidding is no exception. The question of how much you need therefore begins with determining how much you can borrow. For a first impression, you can calculate your maximum mortgage online. This will give you a pretty good idea of your financial chances and your mortgage. A seller, however, needs more certainty. For that, you can have a feasibility certificate drawn up. This is an official document with which you can prove that you can pay any bids. In other words, you are "good for your money".

Drafting the feasibility certificate

What is involved in preparing a feasibility certificate, also called a Hypotheekcertificaat? You come by our office for a meeting with one of our financial advisors. Based on this conversation, your personal information and financial documents, the financial advisor will prepare the feasibility certificate. This states how much you can borrow for your mortgage and what you can offer. A feasibility certificate from Huis & Hypotheek is:

  • valid for 2 months with possibility of extension
  • not transferable to third parties
  • is subject to a positive BKR review, an approved appraisal report and continued employment, including wages
  • no substitute for reservation of financing

Would you like to have a feasibility certificate prepared by our financial advisor? Request a free feasibility consultation using the form below.

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