Spacious streets, lots of entertainment for children

Rijnbuurt is located south of Amsterdam on the Amstel river. In this neighbourhood, you'll find lots of greenery and soon get the feeling that it feels more spacious than the other surrounding neighbourhoods. Here, too, you'll find the recognisable construction of the Amsterdam School and lots of space for children.

Martin Luther King Park

One of the characteristic patches in the Rijnbuurt is Martin Luther King Park. Located along President Kennedylaan and the Amstel River, the park consists of two parts separated by the New Utrecht Bridge. You can enjoy a barbecue there in summer and playgrounds have been created for children. Among other things, De Parade is held there.

Everything in the neighbourhood

As the Rijnbuurt is located on the Amstel river, there is plenty of opportunity to rent a boat. Rijnstraat is a busy shopping street with bakeries, butchers, greengrocers and some supermarkets. The Miranda swimming pool has one large indoor and one outdoor pool. Within a 3 km radius, you will find an average of 80 nurseries, 31 primary schools, 18 VMBO schools and 21 HAVO/VWO schools.

The future

In 2019, Martin Luther King Park will be improved. Especially the planting, the slope and stairs on the Riverside side, the bicycle and walking paths will be addressed. The tree-lined avenues will be restored and the eco-lint will be strengthened. The park will also become more accessible from all sides.

In the Rivierenbuurt

The Rijnbuurt is part of the Rivierenbuurt in Amsterdam-Zuid. An ideal neighbourhood for growing from a starter to a family home. The neighbourhood offers the necessary diversity for a dynamic living environment and plenty of space for family life. The spacious, chic flats, mostly in the style of the Amsterdam School, make the Rivierenbuurt very popular.

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