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Estate agent Maurits van Leeuwen

Estate agent Maurits van Leeuwen

Expertise: Rivierenbuurt, IJsselbuurt, Scheldebuurt, Rijnbuurt

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Maurits van Leeuwen is active as a local neighbourhood broker in the Rivierenbuurt in Amsterdam, including the IJsselbuurt, Scheldebuurt and Rijnbuurt. His customers are always central to him and he puts in 100 per cent effort every day to advise them as well as possible. Maurits therefore sees himself more as a housing consultant than a real estate agent.

Delivering more

Maurits: "I think it is important that when buying a house, people should not only look at their current situation. It's also about the situation in five to 10 years' time. An estate agent advises on this. Not only do you play a role in negotiations, but you also create a realistic picture and give critical advice where necessary. Even if this advice means a purchase or sale will not go ahead as a result. I believe more in the long-term view. The happiness and feeling of your clients is the most important thing. And by always working with the philosophy 'Promise less and deliver more', you ensure that you exceed your client's satisfaction and expectations.'

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Expertise in real estate

"What started as a hobby for me - buying and remodelling flats - turned out to be a good basis for continuing in real estate. This was the start of my interest in buying and selling homes. After several real estate courses and a career in corporate real estate, I decided to pick up my earlier passion 'residential real estate' again at Makelaars van Amsterdam. Especially the personal contact appealed to me. I still follow various courses to make myself even more skilled in real estate and to serve my clients even better. I therefore get my satisfaction from guiding and supporting people in buying and selling their homes."

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Knowledge of the Rivierenbuurt

Maurits was born in Amsterdam and, after a long diversions, has been living in the Rivierenbuurt again since 2013. Maurits: "The Maasstraat and the Amstel River are my favourite spots of the Rivierenbuurt. Also, the Rivierenbuurt has many hidden beautiful spots and small local cosy shops on Rijnstraat, Maasstraat and Scheldestraat. Over the years, I have built up a large network in and outside real estate in Amsterdam, which gives me a good insight into what is going on in the Amsterdam housing market. I make grateful use of this network to advise my clients in the best possible way."

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Personal and local approach

A local and personal approach is very important to Maurits. "You advise on something that is a big part of someone's life, namely a home. To help clients successfully buy a home in Amsterdam, I use all my connections and knowledge. I maintain close contact with clients to know clearly what they expect from me. Because of this personal approach, I am always involved and know how to respond to opportunities at the right moments." Combined with his local knowledge, Maurits can advise you well and significantly increase your success within the Amsterdam housing market.

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