Free feasibility check

Buying a house, what can you count on?

You are about to buy a house in Amsterdam but you don't know how much you can spend. Make an appointment for a free feasibility check. Our financial advisor will calculate exactly what you can offer. Then you are always sure of your offer.

Insight into your budget

Your house hunt in Amsterdam begins with determining your budget. What is your maximum mortgage, what is the value of your current home? In short, what can you count on? During our Free Feasibility Check you will find out these things. Our financial advisor will map out your financial situation and show you all the possibilities. Free, you are not bound by anything.

Feasibility certificate

Based on your information, our financial advisor will prepare a Feasibility certificate, also known as a hypotheekcertificaat. You need this to make sure you can afford your offer. These days, without a Feasibility Certificate, you won't even be considered for a viewing. This document is therefore seen as a kind of ticket to the Amsterdam housing market.

Are you planning to buy a house in Amsterdam and want to know what you can spend? Then request a Free Feasibility Check using the form below.

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