Our letting service

5 steps to letting your property

Should you wish to let your house you can count on the expertise of our letting agents. We screen all prospective tenants even before a viewing. We believe a tenant should treat the house as if it were his own. We will only visit the house with prospective tenants who fulfil both the financial and your own standards. We will then proceed to help with the setting up and signing of the letting agreement, the check-in and check-out and the handing over of the key.

The perfect tenant

Do you own a house in Amsterdam and are you thinking of letting it? Choose local and go global with REMAX. With our extensive database, network, expertise and (inter)national reach we have all it takes to be of added value. In the following 5 steps we will ensure that we find the perfect tenant for you.

1. Intake procedure

We will come over for a personal meeting and viewing of your house, provide you with a personalized offer and set the process of letting your property in motion. During this intake we will discuss:

  • Your specific wishes and requirements
  • Is this a temporary let of the house?
  • Are pets allowed
  • Terms of lease     

2. Price and publishing 

These aspects help us to determine the letting price. We will then take photos and put the house on our RE/MAX global/local, Pararius and Funda. We will also advertise the house on social media by adding it to our Facebook and Instagram pages.

3. Plan viewings

We plan and guide the viewings:

  • Prospective tenants come over for a viewing. We determine if they are the right fit for your property.
  • After the viewing we report to you and advise you on the suitable candidates.
  • Our letting agent will the prospective tenant’s requirements. Can they be fulfilled or are there key points missing?

4. Checking the agreement

  • Is the list of items included in the letting correct? Are the landlord and tenant in agreement?

5. Handing over the key

Our letting agent will be on site for the handing over of the key and the check-in. The agent will make a full inspection report upon check in (with pictures as proof). When a tenant moves out of the property we will do a check-out and inspect the condition of the house. 

These steps ensure your property is let in the most efficient way possible. We will continue to ensure that you are not troubled by any aspect of the letting and can maintain maximum returns. 

Make an appointment

Are you interested in letting your home or investment property in Amsterdam? Feel free to make an appointment. We would be pleased to discuss all possibilities of letting your property. Call +31 (0)20 333 11 00 or email amsterdam@remax.nl

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