The Buyers Helpdesk

Your first step into the housing market

Before you enter the housing market for a new home, you will first need to have a clear picture of your desires. To find out, our real estate agents will be happy to help you during a free Buyers Helpdesk meeting. So that you can start looking for your ideal home in a focused and realistic way.

Good preparation

The supply of housing in Amsterdam and its surroundings is currently limited. The houses that are for sale change owners within a short period of time. In order to be in the picture quickly, good preparation is necessary. And that starts with knowing clearly what you want and what your options are. What can you afford? What neighborhoods qualify? What are your future plans? Questions like these are discussed in detail during a free Buyers Helpdesk meeting. With the knowledge of our brokers, you can get a good orientation on the housing market and strike quickly when your desired home is for sale.

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