Milestones for buying property in the Netherlands

An estate agent who specializes in buying assistance for their clients in finding and purchasing their ideal home. The specific tasks of a purchase agent may vary depending on the agreement made with the client. Generally, the agent will work with the client to identify their preferences and the properties that meet their needs, advise them on the current housing market, and conduct research on neighborhoods and properties of interest. The agent will then request and study housing data and valuate chosen properties.

The purchase agent will contact sales agents on behalf of the client to arrange viewings and accompany them during the viewing process. The agent will also make bids and negotiate with the seller's agent on behalf of the client. Throughout the negotiation process, the agent will provide advice to the client. Once a property is selected, the agent will assist the client in properly completing the preliminary deed of sale and act as a point of contact during the delivery of the house.

The agent will supervise the transfer of the house to the notary and go over the costs with all parties involved. Clients may opt to handle the first visit to potential properties themselves to reduce the brokerage commission, and this can be discussed during a no-obligation moving advice meeting. The brokerage fee, mediation costs, and services provided will be detailed in a service contract agreed upon by the agent and client.

1. Introduction / service intake

  • Who are we?
  • Why Amsterdam Estate Agents?
  • One contact, short lines of communication.
  • Local market expert / neighborhood specialist.
  • Flexible working hours, 24/7 online service.
  • Clear and customized rates, no cure no pay.
  • The customer:
    • What is the client's situation?
    • What are the expectations of the client?

2. Housing requirements / search request

  • Time schedule and milestones.
  • Indicate housing requirements.
  • Establish minimum requirements.
  • Determine and establish search profile.
  • Set up online housing match.
  • Add to Whatsapp group.
  • Review of financial resources:
    • Already had a mortgage interview?
    • Check creditworthiness.
    • Determine the budget.

3. - Buying process and determine budget

  • Sign the search request.
  • Specific requirements for the property.
  • Assess location and marketability.
  • Expected maintenance.
  • Neighborhood survey.
  • Set up customer file based on profile.
  • Publish search profile + BIO.
  • Flyers based on zip code area. 

4. Buying strategy

  • Obtain market information.
  • What to expect as a buyer.
  • Understanding fair value.
  • Request VVE data.
  • Retrieve cadastral information.
  • Request proof of ownership.
  • Request building plan of the building.
  • Study zoning plan.
  • Studying easements.
  • Study ground lease conditions.
  • Discuss list of movable property.
  • Discuss possible delivery date.
  • Discuss resolutive conditions.
  • Insight into the fair value.
  • Which way you can agree with buying agent?
    • Full service support
    • Transactional guidance
    • Combination deal buying and selling

5. Viewings

  • Scheduling appointments for viewings.
  • Guidance by specialized real estate agent.
  • Inspecting the state of maintenance.
  • Assessing whether an architectural inspection is necessary.
  • Discuss details with the client.
  • Discussing viewings with the client.
  • Requesting documents belonging to the house.

6. Negotiation and bidding process

  • Every negotiation is unique and therefore different.
  • Always everything in consultation with client.
  • Not only the price is important, but also the conditions.
  • Discuss final conditions and desired delivery date.
  • Confirm offer / verbal agreement via email.
  • Assist with choice of notary.
  • Arranging valuation report.

7. Legal Affairs

  • Required data
  • Supply purchase agreement.
  • Checking the purchase agreement.
  • Agree on resolutive conditions.
  • Check deed of delivery.
  • Check invoice of settlement.
  • Dates of resolutive conditions,
  • deposit and delivery.

8. Key transfer

  • Final inspection of the property.
  • Assess the state of delivery.
  • Taking meter readings.
  • Moving utilities.
  • Escort at the notary.
  • Handing over the keys.
  • Our service does not stop after delivery.

9. After Sales

  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Evaluation interview
  • Customer rating / reviews
  • Testimonial / fan video / recommendations

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